About us

NAHR ALTEEB company represents more than 10 years of experience in planning and delivery with installation of different type of systems.

Civil, Mechanical and Electrical works, Our Company does all the works erection, rehabilitation, maintenance, supplying and supervision by well experienced senior engineers and technician in these works.

Our Company is a private company has been founded since long time and according to all acceptances from related offices.

Our company had a share to perform some of the government works and projects with competitive prices and high precise world quality and in scheduled time.
Our company has full desire to participate in your efforts to construct Iraq.

Scope of work

Our company has ability to supply and installation of :

1.Different types of (Fuel add) for fuel oil treatment.

2.Life support and camp‘s installing and rehabilitation.

3.Fuel oil treatment separator and spare parts.

4.Trace heating system and insulation.

5.Gas turbine V series type spare parts.

6.Different types of pipes, valves and fittings.

7.Different type of Medical Incinerators and other types.


Our company has proven references with reputable companies and institutions such as :

1.Washington Group International.
2.Flour/Amec and Olive.
3.ROTRING engineering AG.
4.Ministry Of Electricity / Iraq.
5.Government of Salah Al-Deen.
7.GE Power & Water (official registered supplier).
8.Other places.