Performed projects

Our company performed projects:

Life support and camp management for MoE contract with ROTRING of Baiji installing new pulse air filter house of 4 units GT V94.2.

Life support and camp management for MoE contract with SIEMENS of Baiji rehabilitation of 4 units GT V94.2.

MoE\WGI contract supplying man power and necessary equipments for installing of 15 GE mobile GT.

MoE contract of supplying spare parts for HFO GEA Westfalia separator.

MoE contract of supplying the fuel additive (type Zoke) for Baiji steam power plant.

MoE supplying man power and erection of Baiji GT V94.2 pulse air intake filter for four units.

MoE contract for supplying and installing one set of fuel oil burner nozzles of SIEMENS GT V94.2.

MoE contract for supplying thermal bricks for the Baiji GT V94.2.

MoE contract of supplying crane 120 Ton &60 Ton, Forklift 10, 5 and 2 T for installing pulse air intake filter house for Baiji V94.2 gas turbine.

MoE contract of supplying and installing elect. Cables for lighting system for four Baiji GT front yard.

Salah Aldeen governor contract to installing the service road for Hay-alzohoor quartor.

MoE\Rotring Installing and commissioning trace heating system with insulation of HFO pipes stageII of Baiji GT V94.2.

Salah Al-deen governor contract of building 2 new secondary school in Baiji city.

Salah Al-deen government contract of rehabilitation Tikrit stadium.

Supplying 2 Km length of high voltage electrical cable for Baghdad directorate of electricity.

Supplying three medical incinerators for Baiji north refinery.

Supplying six Perkins generators 800 KVA including installing and training of two technicians for Baiji north refinery.

Supplying four of Medical incinerators for north oil refinery in baiji.

Providing man power and life support for the rehabilitation of two damaged fuel towers of Baiji north refinery.

Supply and install electrical cables (power and control) for Baiji GT’s managing building office.

Supply and install Baiji NRC around fence (10 Km).

Build a giving salary hall for Baiji NRC under ALKINDY sub. Contract.

Providing civil man power and materials for building two work shops for Baiji oil institute.

Providing mixed concrete type G15&G30 for BETA ENGINEERING for Baiji NRC.

Building a complete bank for Baiji North Refinery Company.

Excavation and pipe ductile project for Salah Al-Deen Tikrit university for 16 Km.

Supplying different types of services life support (catering, laundry and cleaning facility), scaffolding materials (Rental and supply), certified scaffolding builder supervisors, cars rental (pickup and minibus), cranes rental (30 ton, 50 ton, 100 ton, 120 ton, 160 ton and 200 ton), caravans (manufacturing and installing at site) with full furniture and accessories and site consumables requirements for two GE Gas turbine Frame 9E projects at Khairat and Karbala outages projects. (March-2016 To June-2016).